During this COVID-19 extended holiday, I have observed in my Kitikifumba village that unknown people dump garbage carelessly. Among this garbage are polythene papers “kavera”, plastic bottles, and used diapers which do not decompose a big threat to our environment.

The dangers of dumping garbage carelessly include: spreading of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea; the rats and snakes can hide in such garbage and can harm people; the animals can easily eat kavera and die; kavera prevents water from entering soils and stops roots from growing well; children can play with broken bottles and cut themselves.

To solve the problem of garbage: there is a need to educate communities on the importance of good hygiene and sanitation; rubbish from homes, schools, and factories should be carefully collected using dustbins put on lorries and taken to one place where it can be recycled to make more useful products. For example, big plastic containers can be re-used to make flower or vegetable vessels in our homes and schools.